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Your wings are mine ゆきのへび

The Ignata's Official DroolBlog!

9/26/07 10:12 am - Packet sent to Child_of_scota!

Packet is sent to child_of_scota!

5/6/07 06:21 pm - My aunt died yesterday

My mother just called and said that my autn died yesterday

4/23/07 04:28 am - Happy birthday to mee

Happy birthday to me... *sings*

Now I am 28 years old hag :D

ps. I saw sooo weird dream, WeightWatchers in Middle Earth...

3/15/07 07:18 pm

My fucking flatlate burned the whole fucking kitchen.FUCK!!!

2/14/07 10:47 am - Fluffy Bunnyday!

...Where are my softairgun when I need it? Some asshole has decorated the whole fucking office with pink balloons. There is something like 50 of them.

12/24/06 03:19 pm - Season Greetings to all!

11/27/06 08:44 am - Nemi

I loooove this nemi-strip... She's like me :D

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11/21/06 02:39 pm

 IF YOU, Yes, I mean you,  are working in IBM. GO AWAY!! You are not wanted here!

note to self: Remember to filter your entries more carefully...

Hus, Hus... what are you still loitering here?

8/28/06 12:56 pm - Time Team

Time Team : Big Royal Dig Rules!! Watched it nearly 13h last weekend and I will continue it today.

And yay! Mick the Dig is back!!! I just love him... no matter how short his hair is these days... and no beard. But I still loooove him <3

And Neil Oliver... On my fucking Gods! He's hot, he's historian, he has long dark hair, he has lovely scot accent, and I understand him 100%. Too bad i have seen him only in 3 tv-shows last weekend (Time Team, Coast and one another who's name I can not remember) Where could I really seduce him see him alive?

am am sure no-one would understand my fantasies :D

8/9/06 07:27 am

Does anyone know any Free imagehosting site that does not have bandwight(?) limit? And does not alter the imagenames like GJ/LJ? I have my own website that I could use, but it's using Riihimäki town's bandwight and I have already 'forced' to remove my old moodtheme from my otherwise unlimited webpage.

so, if you know any site that meets atleast some of following criterias

-Unlimited or moodtheme friendly bandwight
-does not alter imagenames (too lazy to chance pre-written moodtheme-code) so, if you put image with name image.jpg to site, it's name will stay image.jpg and not turn name like 56457dfh.jpg likie GJ/LJ-galleries does.

Thanks for advance...

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